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Amazing Value! Unique Software.

A One of a Kind software that puts health checking/screening on a higher level. Hassle free, easy to use, interactive app that puts the wow into efficiency. Our multi-platform electronic health management system is the best way of staying ahead of what you need to do - Customer Health Care! This product adds expedition, focuses on delivery with great accuracy. All and in all users find it to be exactly what they always needed.

J2A eHealth Software Explained



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eHealth in a nutshell...

Go completely paperless and transform your health screening sessions with eHealth Software. Record all your health information (BMI, BP, Waist Measurement, Smoking, Bloods, and Body Composition) all in one place!

Everyone shares and accesses the SAME information in real time, eliminating the need to record ID numbers at every station! Only record ID at registration. Convenient access from laptops, tablets and other such devices. Report on all data collectively for better analysis and evaluation.

Key Features

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Multi Device Usage


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third feature

Blood Pressure


fourth feature

Waist Measurement


fifth feature

Body Composition & BMI


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Frequently asked questions
  • Why choose J2A eHealth Software?

    It’s a unique Software that’s been designed with you in mind.

    It’s flexible, and simple to use and will add that professional edge when dealing with clients. Once installed on a Windows computer, it works across multiple devices so just turn up with your Windows, Android, or Apple device and you're ready to go.

  • Does the software come with any equipment?

    No, the eHealth software is a computer program that works in conjunction with your health monitoring equipment such as your blood pressure and blood testing machines. These are not included as part of the software.

  • Will the software work on my computer?

    The main software needs to be installed on a Windows-based machine. However, once installed, it can be accessed from other devices running most internet browsers such as Internet Explorer (v9 and above), Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

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